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SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. is a Canadian company based in Montreal that provides engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services to various industries, including mining and metallurgy, oil and gas, environment and water, infrastructure, and clean power. SNC-Lavalin is the largest construction company, by revenue, in Canada, as of 2018.


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Current Employee - Geotechnical Engineer says

"Doesn't have good project management system"

Former Employee - Designer says

"PMs very inexperienced and lack direction"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Integrity, code of conduct, fairness... speech... vs reality is a joke: CF COVID 19 drastic reaction."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Zero value for talents Management over powers HR Same grade personal have different policy for different regions, I went from Bangalore to Delhi I was put in a hotel called Fortune, where in people who travelled from UK were made to stay in Crown Plaza Indians can only FLY economy, where as other have business class options Salary and compensation are 60 - 80% in par with Market Talents gets Crushed by the Autocratic management style Employee Value Zero"

Former Employee - Project Engineer says

"There are a lot of cons."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Canadian jobs moving overseas, substantial cuts to employee benefits and nickel and diming everything. IT has been outsourced and replaced by a comically inefficient overseas call centre. This is an engineering company- technology is the basis of the services that we provide clients... extremely shortsighted...."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Non professional and non human"

Former Employee - Mechanical Designer says

"Outsourcing jobs to india to lay people off in the USA"

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"-Terrible salary -Terrible benefits -Was payed and classified as a new graduate, even as a licensed professional engineer over 6 years of work experience in the industry -Discriminnatory"

Current Employee - Administrative says

"At SNC c co-workers fear they might lose their jobs if they go against an office bully, especially if the person doing the bullying is a long standing employee. The hard thing about SNC bullying is that it often involves gaslighting, so you may tell yourself that it's all in your head. However, workplace bullying is so prevalent at SNC they just except it as part of the day amongst administration staff. I have witnessed HR whispering with long standing staff members gossiping about an employee. The best employees end up leaving this workplace. I am looking to get out before my self esteem is completely crushed."

Ingénieur de projet (Former Employee) says

"Environnement toxique et organisé en système de clans.AucunTout est négatif"

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It was the worst job I ever had. I was bullied and felt very uncomfortable. They have no respect for women.Engineers are difficult to work for and it was hard to close an eye to activities that were against company policy.noneeverything"

Adjointe administrative (Former Employee) says

"je ne recommande vraiment pas ce n etait pas une bonne experience de travail pas de suivi pas d'apprentissage Licencié sans raison du jour au lendemain"

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"lack of organizational culture none competitive salary no stability lots of layoffs HR is not doing their job at all no career path or advancements HQ has no clear vision"

Piping Designer (Former Employee) says

"Downtown office is the worst location to work. 70% of each project is out sourced to India. Department Manager are incompetent is extremely weak of knowledge."

HVAC Technician (Current Employee) says

"Horrible management, poor benefits 14/14 was the only thing keeping me with them. Management was poorly educated and had no clue but tried to walk all over you. They only got to where they were by kissing butt.Free room, 14/14 rotationManagement and hourly pay/benefits."

Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I don’t blame people nowadays will loose their trust and moral to the company, after they are involved in a tremendous anomalies of corruption to the Canadian Governments.. I feel discomfort working in this company as my reputation will become a trademark of dishonesty..Good payLack of management"

Piping Designer (Former Employee) says

"If you have nowhere to go , work for this company, all bad people under one roof. I will not recommend but it can be your last resort to work. But cultureBad place to work and growBad place to work"

Coordonnateur de Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"à éviter, incohérent dans la prise de décision et le management"

Property management (Former Employee) says

"Constant black cloud over all employees due to media reports about questionable international business dealings. Not a happy work environment. Keep looking."

Time Keeper, (Former Employee) says

"My time with SNC Lavalin was not great. This company treated there employees with no respect and overall each day I worked was only because I needed to work."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"For an EPC company, these guys are probably the hardest to feel any sort of satisfaction from. Its one thing to have a crummy work environment but at least a decent pay - in this case, SNC pays some of the lowest wages, while being managed to treat its employees like nothing more than a number. A white collar sweat shop really."

Health Safety and Environment Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Working there over 10 years and they upright and get rid of a lot of people anyone that was doing their job the slackers get kept and they are very judgemental on nationalities especially in western Canada and Atlantic Canada. There is no advancement and their human resource people are not good to deal with. This company prays on the disadvantaged. The top management are good but the middle and lower management are bad and the top management are not able to keep an eye on every project and project management. Seen a lot of people come and go while I worked there some even hurting big time for work and watched management lay them off and keep people who were not even doing there work because they kept there groupeesLike the projectsTerrible mismanaged company"

Commercial Manager (Former Employee) says

"While the company is dealing with its past Bribery issues, the company still has a long way to go with other issues and just one item is winning new work."

Document Control Lead (Former Employee) says

"This company is very political and has a lot of problems within its management team. No mentoring and a lot of bullying including the Human Resource Dept. No sense of team or striving to improve. Lots of overtime billed to clients and no work being accomplishedNoneBullying and no policies in place"

Cost Controller, OIL &GAS (Former Employee) says

"you cant plan for long term plan career with the company no transparency bad accounting system no clear process and procedure"

Skilled Laborer (Former Employee) says

"I am a young hard working man who enjoys living in and working in vancouver. would be great to start working full time for a great company with a positive hard working crewshort breakssteady hours"

Candidate (Former Employee) says

"They are very unprofessional. Sent 2 emails regarding "follow up's to outstanding items and zero response. Not even a curtesy email stating the obvious. If this is how they conduct their business, I want no part of it."

Document Controller (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are a blonde bimbo, with questionable intelligence ! Avoid the Lego London dumpgullible prats with poor judegement, rubbish pay !"

Environmental Project Technician (Former Employee) says

"the most enjoyable part of the job is planning and coordination"